Clare Grason,  Chief, Commercial Satellite Communications Office
Air Force Space Command

Clare A. Grason is now the Chief, Commercial Satellite Communications Office for the Air Force Space Command.

Clare was DISA’s Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Division Chief where she was responsible for delivering SATCOM capabilities to support the joint warfighter, federal and coalition partners. Her portfolio included the Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services (EMSS) Program Office, the Department of Defense Commercial Satellite Communications (COMSATCOM) Program Office, the Enterprise Gateways Program Office and the SATCOM Operations Integration Branch.

EMSS is an $800 million global satellite program that provides the Department of Defense and federal partners unlimited access to the commercial Iridium constellation, a mesh-network of 66 on-orbit cross-linked satellites, through a dedicated, EMSS controlled gateway.

The Enterprise Gateways Program Office provides and maintains ground infrastructure and services at 48 sites around the world. The SATCOM Operations Integration Branch facilitates the Division’s collective mission by providing customer support tools and other supporting capabilities.

Prior to this role, Ms. Grason was the Program Manager, EMSS. Other assignments include managing a classified telecommunications system within DISA’s National Leadership Command Capabilities Center (NLCC). Ms. Grason began her career at DISA as a contracting officer and served as the Chief, Special Projects Contracting Branch, which held a contracts portfolio valued at over $2 billion.

Prior to joining the government, Ms. Grason was a retirement planner for T. Rowe Price.

Ms. Grason received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance from West Virginia University and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Ms. Grason is DAWIA Level 3 certified in contracting.

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