Garrett C. Hill, CEO

As its CEO and founder, Garrett C. Hill guides the vision and cutting-edge culture of one of the most veteran VSAT providers in North America: X2nSat, Inc.

In 1996, Mr. Hill founded this forward-thinking satellite
communications company with a mission to provide highly
reliable, wireless network and communication solutions to a variety of predominantly North American industries. Driven by a company culture that embraces collaboration and creativity, X2nSat is unique in that it offers the robust services of a large telecommunications company with the personalized customer care of a specialty organization.

X2nSat successes:

  • Assembling the best, most experienced team in the VSAT industry
  • Successfully building more than 25 networks around the world since 1998
  • Creating a diverse network of industry partnerships that have led to manyindustry “firsts,” including rural access, First Responder access and more

    Early in his career, Mr. Hill worked as an engineer, designing and building the first trans- Pacific satellite network to transport TCP/IP. This moment in history was pivotal in introducing the world beyond the U.S. borders to the Internet. He also worked with Noller Communications to create what became known as Telecom Valley in Petaluma, California, and was involved in research and development efforts for the fixed

    wireless communications system ARTS – a system designed for rural telephone networks with international deployments in Indonesia and Poland.

    Mr. Hill contributed to major Internet trans-Pacific networks that were deployed in the 1990s. He was also involved in other projects in the Pacific Rim area, including the largest national telephone companies of the time – Japan Telecom, NTT, Telstra, Telecom New Zealand, Chanwa Telecom, China Telecom, Quest, Epoch Networks and Hughes Network Systems.

    In 2005, Mr. Hill pioneered the first satellite-based network technology that provided voice and high-speed data in a regulated phone environment to rural America, under the auspices of the USDA/RUS program.

    Mr. Hill earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Sonoma State University. He serves on several corporate boards of directors, including the boards of X2nSat, Todocast, and IP Access. He lives in Petaluma, California, with his wife and two daughters. In his free time, Mr. Hill is a pilot and an active member of Rotary International.

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