Mission Assurance in Rapid Development Cycles

The last decade has unleashed upheavals across the space industry. New actors, leaps in technology, innovative business models, unanticipated applications, rapidly evolving priorities and the democratization of space have abolished the status quo and the new normal has yet to settle in. One element has not changed — the demand for mission success and generating the projected return on invested capital, time, and intellectual property. That being said, what can organizations do to assure mission success is experienced? Agile mission assurance maintains pace with accelerating developments in hardware, software, architectures, missions and budgets. This panel will discuss successful tactics that diverge from heritage approaches and delve into the strategies that are efficient, effective and responsive to the challenges of today and those in the future.

Date: October 10, 2019 Time: 9:45 am - 10:30 am Lon Levin
President and Chief Executive Officer

GEOshare LLC

President and Chief Executive Officer

GEOshare LLC
Michael Johnson
Chief Technologist, Engineering and Technology Directorate

NASA Goddard
James Loman
Senior Distinguished Engineer - Flight Assurance

Katharine Losoncy
Mission Assurance Manager

Northrop Grumman
Jeff Osterkamp
Vice President

Ball Aerospace