Catherine Melquist, President and Business Dev. Director
Mobile Satellite Users Association and NetNumber

President of the Mobile Satellite Users Association, Catherine spearheads the group’s mission to promote satellite mobility market development and innovation at conferences and events located around the world. MSUA has been in existence for over 25 years and represents 30 corporate and small business leaders in the satellite mobility marketplace. MSUA hosts an annual Mobility Innovation Awards program and luncheon during Satellite Week in Washington DC and disseminates Mobility News, a weekly culmination of mobility news to a community of over 1500 followers.

Catherine’s full-time position is with NetNumber as Director of Business Development for the Private LTE Group. Private LTE is a secure, scalable hybrid satellite/LTE mobility solution providing local telco-quality communications and control to a specific group of users or devices. Private LTE is ideal for industries and operations such as mining, energy, defense, emergency response, infrastructure management, maritime, public safety and more.

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