M.G. Abutaleb, CEO
SpeedCast Government

Mr. Abutaleb is a seasoned executive who has been involved in various segments of the telecommunications and aerospace industries since the late ’70s. During these years, he has participated in the definition, development, and implementation of a multitude of satellite and wireless communications technologies, products, and services. In addition, he has held senior management positions with leaders in the satellite communications and aerospace industries. Mr. Abutaleb is currently CEO of Speedcast Government (formerly UltiSat), where he was co-founder and managed the progressive growth of this self-financed start-up business in 2003 through its current position as a recognized leader in the USG and G2 markets and through its sale in late 2017 to Speedcast International, an ASX listed company. He also co-founded Innovative Communications Technologies, Inc. (ICTI) in 1989 through the sale of that business to a publicly-traded company in 1999. Mr. Abutaleb holds an MSEE degree with an emphasis in telecommunications and microelectronics.

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