Ecliptic is a space avionics, sensor systems and space systems integration company with a strong customer base in commercial, civil and defense markets. Ecliptic avionics and sensor systems are used onboard rockets, spacecraft and space platforms to control and manage event sequencing, data collection and handling and mechanical actuations for primary and secondary payloads. Typical applications include interfacing with science instruments, various video and imaging sensors for improved situational awareness, technology-demonstration payloads, hosted payloads, and CubeSat and smallsat carrier/deployer/separation systems. More advanced systems support various rendezvous, proximity operations and in-orbit servicing objectives. Ecliptic also serves as lead systems integrator and/or partner for CubeSat and smallsat projects. Its flagship RocketCam™ product family is the world’s leading brand of onboard video systems for rockets and spacecraft, with over 150 mission successes.

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