Evertz, ATCi and Quintech provide end-to-end antenna-to-receiver satellite network solutions for broadcasters, teleports, earth stations, cable head ends, and military networks. We specialize in broadband, L-band, IF-band, GPS, WiFi, and LTE products including Simulsat antennas, RF matrix switches, receivers, routers, splitters, combiners, RF over fiber, redundancy switches, line amplifiers, LNB power supplies, network management systems, master clocks, and lightning protection. We provide operations center/master control solutions that include multiviewers, KVM switches, compression, and transport equipment. We also offer a line of matrix switches for automating software and hardware testing of 4G, 5G, WiFi and Mesh networks.

Company Website: http://www.evertz.com

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Name Mo Jones David Chan
Title Senior Account Manager VP Sales & Marketing
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