TECH BRIEF: Ensuring Satellite Service Efficiency

This talk will discuss how top-level innovations in the satellite industry – in the space segment (LEO/MEO constellations, software-defined satellites, HTS), ground segment (flat-panel antennas, modem technologies, VSAT managed service technologies), market expansion (marine and aero mobility, cruise ships, IoT, M2M, and Connected Car), and situational awareness (weather modeling, interference geo-cataloguing, terminal analytics), are driving […]

TECH BRIEF: In Space Assembly and Servicing

The on-orbit assembly and servicing industry is close to becoming operational. With several organizations preparing for the first missions occurring in the early 2020s, satellite servicing incorporates services such as life extension, salvage, robotics, de-orbiting and relocation services. Is this a sustainable business? Have reliable standards been developed to assist in the advancement of these […]

Tech Brief: Phased Array Antennas

The promise of light, flat antennas holds great promise for the satellite industry. Price and performance factors are inhibiting this particular innovative technology; however, progress in this market has been accomplished and attendees will hear from one of the leaders in this sector.